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Foreword byExcellent Research Infrastructures in Hungary

Dear Visitor,

If you are an active researcher seeking research opportunities, or if you have yet to finish your studies and have plans to conduct your research in Hungary, or if you are just interested in science and research infrastructures, you have come to the right place. Here on researchinfrastructures.hu, you will find comprehensive information about top-of-the-line research infrastructures located and operating in Hungary.

On the research, development and innovation (RDI) landscape of any country, research infrastructures are essential for both fundamental and exploratory research. Moreover, research infrastructures contribute to the social and economic performance of the country. Our internationally acclaimed research infrastructures (RIs) play a critical role in achieving scientific success and excellence. As the result of the intensifying cooperation with international research organizations, an increasing number of our excellent research infrastructures can now be considered truly world-class. Putting Hungarian RDI on the international map and strengthening the embeddedness of our research infrastructures in the European and global research networks have been among our top priorities. The primary purpose of this website is to showcase over fifty excellent research infrastructures and infrastructure clusters and present the wide spectrum of research options Hungary’s RDI landscape has to offer.

I invite and encourage researchers to take a look at the various infrastructures and their field of research. Be it energy, environment, health & food, physical, social or computer science, you will find one or more research infrastructures specializing in your choice of scientific pursuit. Furthermore, I encourage you to look beyond the regular paths and identify a research infrastructure in order to help solve a problem you may be dealing with, because in our day and age the complex problems our world and societies are facing require complex solutions, hence the efficient cooperation between the various scientific branches has become indispensable. I am convinced that Hungary’s RDI scene, thanks to the cooperation of researchers from around the world, will be able to generate important new knowledge that will eventually lead to the solutions we are all in need of, making our world and lives better.

István Szabó PhD
Vice President for Science and International Affairs
National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Hungary

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