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National Cardiovascular Laboratory

Description of the RI

The National Cardiovascular Laboratory is a research infrastructure of strategic importance established within the framework of the National Heart Program, which means a network of six separate laboratories that form a professional unit. These are the following:

  1. Small Animal Experiment Service Laboratory
  2. Large Animal Experiment Service Laboratory
  3. Cardiovascular Imaging Core Laboratory
  4. Central experimental histopatology Core Lab
  5. Bioinformatics core facility
  6. Cell Culture Laboratory

The research results of the National Cardiovascular Laboratory will represent a decisive contribution to the development of evidence-based cardiovascular health promotion and disease prevention programs, helping to achieve the goal of a longer and healthy life for the population of the country. The interdisciplinary and translational nature of the program ensures that it successfully implements the development of evidence-based innovative disease prevention, screening, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to reduce the incidence and mortality of cardiovascular diseases and supports their translation into medical and public health practice. The results of the program contribute to the access of international markets for innovative high economic value-added products and services, thus helping the development of the domestic pharmaceutical biotechnology industry.

Activities and Services

  1. Small Animal Experiment Service Laboratory
    The in-vivo laboratory allows you to track the distribution of drugs in the body and more accurately characterize drug effects.
  2. Large Animal Experiment Service Laboratory
    The Large Animal Experiment Service Laboratory and the infrastructure of the chronic experimental large animal husbandry being developed at an external site are unique facilities. The laboratory has adequate capacity for periprocedural accommodation of Laboratory.
  3. Cardiovascular Imaging Core Laboratory
    The main task of the laboratory is to perform all imaging activities related to the cardiovascular field, also at the service level.
  4. Central experimental histopatology Core Lab
    It is suitable for detailed molecular analysis and fluorescence-based sorting of circulating cells and extracellular vesicles, as well as for the study of spatial and single-cell gene expression processes in regional tissue areas.
  5. Bioinformatics core facility
    Bionformatics core laboratory is a facilitation for the processing of large data sets obtained by omic methods and for the development of the hardware requirements of the in silico methods based on the artificial intelligence and network dynamics to be applied.
  6. Cell Culture Laboratory
    The main profile of the laboratory is cell and tissue culture, cell line generation, and the use of viruses in in vivo animal models for knockout studies.
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