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Personalized Medicine Research Infrastucture

Description of the RI

Personalized medicine RI covers the entire innovation and health value chain, from diagnosing diseases through developing new therapies to applying them at the bedside. By this RI, laboratories and infrastructures are uniquely located in a single location, providing the opportunity to implement personalized medicine for oncological, non - or difficult - to - treat or rare diseases.

Activities and Services

Personalized Medicine RI includes several research laboratories and special manufacturing laboratories, accredited health research and testing facilities, and a biobank that can provide a full research lifecycle for both researchers and industrial partners, from basic research to modern diagnostics and clinical therapies. It is the only regional center of excellence with its complex infrastructure, human resources and quality management systems which is capable to develop new therapies for untreatable or rare diseases, oncology researches and personalized medicine. With regard to Research and Technological Development and Innovation, the RI covers the full spectrum of infrastructure and competence required to achieve the TLR1-TLR9 technological development levels.

RI currently isolates primary (eg. liver, skin, fat, bone marrow, umbilical cord, peripheral blood) stem and progenitor cells, tumor cells, tissues and cultures them ex vivo and in vitro, and the cells thus maintained and cultured are phenotypic, genotypic testing, viability, differentiation and tissue regeneration, biophysical properties, immunological and oncological profile. In addition to basic research methods (histology, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry), it uses state-of-the-art molecular biology, genetic sequencing and high throughput imaging technologies. In our in vitro cell studies, we can study the responses of cells to various stimuli (drugs, pro-inflammatory agents, biopolymers, etc.) in a living system, and we can create quite complex model systems by creating artificial tissues (3D tissue printing). Bioinformatic analysis of specific disease models and genetic measurement data will identify new biological pathways and drug attack points. A huge advantage of RI is its ability to work with different patient samples (collection, storage, and use in research), achieving the highest specificity in the field. To translate the research results, we conduct clinical trials at the accredited Phase I Clinical Trial site, testing new drugs, active ingredients, and therapeutic procedures. Our research and diagnostic samples are stored in a biobank.

Our services are also highly diversified. The infrastructure and instrumentation of the laboratories make it possible to perform fast and accurate analysis of industrial-scale pharmacological measurements that provide a large amount of data. Our unique experimental models and the modern high-throughput systems used in our laboratories combine current advanced therapeutic formulations with classical pharmacological studies, allowing the study of potential drugs in new, hitherto unknown fields.

Our cellular systems are suitable for diagnostic measurements, testing the effectiveness of biological therapies and vaccines, as well as quality control and monitoring of cell therapy (CTP) and advanced therapy products (ATMP). The GMP laboratory has the potential to produce drugs, genes, and cell therapy products for translational research, clinical trials, or the licensing of these products. The Phase I Clinical Trial site provides an essential service for industrial partners in the collection of patient samples, and testing of medicines.

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Single sited

University of Szeged, Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence


Fully operational, 2018-



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Institutional partners
  • Institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale
  • Solvo Biotechnology
  • BRECA Health Care
  • Biogelx Ltd

Lajos Kemény, Head of Institute

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